Riders of the Storm, Equestrian Stunt Team, Scotland

Riders of the Storm, Equestrian Stunt Team, Scotland
Riders of the Storm

3 September 2012

Shamus’s Shenanigans


Well, me and my field friends have had a very busy summer, but we did manage a few sneaky days off lazing around in the field and rolling in the mud. I’m going to tell you a bit about my adventures............


I set off in the lorry with my friends, Drino, Sunny and George. In the very early morning, Kirsty (my mum) had told me we were performing in somewhere called Dumfries and that it’s very far away so we would have a long journey ahead of us. I didn’t mind this as I’m quite used to travelling now, going to lots of different lovely places, plus mum gives me an extra haynet!

When we arrived at Dumfries it was a lovely sunny day. As I enjoyed a munch of grass, my girls (humans that perform on my back) brushed and cleaned my coat ready for my show. Lots of people started to arrive at the showground and wanted to say hello to me. I am the star of the show after all. The girls tacked us up and got into their costumes. Drino and George were going to be in the grand parade carrying my mum and one of my girls, Beth. When they left for the parade, it was great because our lorry was parked just off the main ring so I could watch my friends and check they were behaving accordingly. I especially wanted to keep my eye on George, he’s a very cheeky pony!!

The parade started with lots and lots of cows, young ones, old ones, big ones, small ones and even lots of different colours. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cows and I used to live on a farm! I then noticed it had started to rain, I hoped it would stay off for my show as I’m not a big fan of the rain. We had our rugs put on hoping the shower would pass, but it didn’t. The rain started to get heavier and heavier and the crowds of people started to panic, they ran in all different directions trying to find some shelter. I went straight back into my box to shelter from what had become a thunder and lightning storm. The cows all scattered back to their trailers and I had started to worry about my friends. Drino and George, where were they? What could have happened to them? Soon after, I heard the sound of their hooves as they trotted back through the almost deserted show ground. I was very glad my friends were back. My girls quickly got my friend’s rugs on and them back into the lorry where they were dry.

My mum dried us all off with a towel so we didn’t get cold. While Suzie fed us carrots, Amanda reassured Sunny as he was quite scared due to the thunder and lightning. I had already told him he needed to be very brave and that it would be over soon. I don’t think he believed me so I nuzzled into him so he felt safe.

It did pass. Eventually!!!

 I overheard my mum getting a phone call from the show organisers; unfortunately they had to cancel the show. I was a little upset by this as I love performing in front of people, especially when they all cheer for me! When I peeked my head out of the lorry, the arena was full of water. I decided very quickly, that I was quite happy in my lorry eating hay, rather than being out in all of those puddles.  My girls got everything packed up and we left, heading to our second show location of the weekend, Mountains Animal Sanctuary.


I woke up early on Sunday morning as my mum came in to greet me and my friends and give us our morning cuddles. Then she proceeded to make my breakfast, give me fresh water and hay, and clean out my bed. I have her very well trained. We had a walk around the sanctuary to meet all the friendly new faces. Annie, the new baby donkey, came over to say hello. I was a little bit scared of donkeys, they make very loud noises and I’m not quite sure why. We were then left to relax in our stables while my girls rehearsed the show. We had three shows to perform at the sanctuary, Wild West, Scottish and our new Charlie’s Angels show so it was quite exciting. 


Every performance went perfectly, even my new Charlie’s Angels show. We had lots of people come to say hello, patting us and having our pictures taken. I loved being a star for the day. One lady even offered to buy me, she thought I was wonderful. I wasn’t worried though, my mum says she loves me and that I’m worth my weight in gold. I had a lovely day at the sanctuary and love that me and my friends can help raise money for all those horses and ponies. Every horse, pony and donkey deserves a loving home, I’m glad we could help. After a busy weekend, I can now head back to my home to see my other friends, I think I’ve had quite enough adventures for one weekend!


I will keep you up to date with my next adventures..........


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