Riders of the Storm, Equestrian Stunt Team, Scotland

Riders of the Storm, Equestrian Stunt Team, Scotland
Riders of the Storm

30 May 2012

What a start to 2012!

The start of 2012 has gone in a whirlwind for Riders of the Storm. We had our first show of the season at the Easter Fun Day at Camperdown Park in Dundee. We took Shamus, Brego and Rocky (the normal crew of horses) but we also brought Sunny along for his first ever show! Camperdown was a pretty scary place for Sunny, with the fairground rides, inflatable slides, kids running everywhere with honk horns and foam hammers, all being new to him. I decided to ride him round the park before it opened to the public so we could go and have a good look at all the scary rides and see what noises and movements each one made. With him now at ease with all the rides, we when back to the lorry so Sunny could munch on some hay before the show began. Suzie rode Sunny beautifully in his first ever show and he didn’t put a hoof wrong. The other horses were all perfect and remembered their jobs from last season and all the new training. Shamus was full of beans for our free vault (vaulting on him galloping round the outside circle while not on a lunge) he showed me a new flight of speed! It’s always fun, but the faster the better! 

The following weekend we were off to the Glasgow Vet School Rodeo so this was a perfect chance to try out our new Wild West show!! Sunny joined us again this weekend but unfortunately I had to leave Brego at home. We were in a very small arena and Brego is just too fast to trick ride in there so Sunny became my horse for the day. We did 3 performances that day to help raise money for sick and injured animals, all of the performances were jam packed with people wanting to watch the action. Unfortunately some people just couldn’t fit and had to be turned away, but hopefully they will be able to come and visit us at another show this year. Sunny trick rode with me for the first time which went extremely well and I was very pleased with him. After our final performance, we packed up, got some ice creams (necessary because of the heat) and headed back home to Perthshire.
 Back at home we have had some horses in for re-schooling and backing.  A lady that had previously attended one of our confidence courses brought her horse to us and we were able to re-school the horse and get the horse and rider happier while riding and hacking out together. We had various other horses in for backing and are now off starting their careers in lots of different disciplines. If you are one of these owners please send us some pictures and let us know how you are getting on! I love to see how they progress after they leave us. There are spaces available for backing or re-schooling from the 11th June.

MOST EXCITING NEWS: We are going to be featured on BBC landward!! So set your boxes to record on the 8th June BBC2 7pm. They came last week to film us in the scorching heat of 28 degrees. Filming went very well and they got lots of action shots galloping through the woods, vaulting and trick riding. They even had their presenter Ewan learning to Trick ride so it’s definitely worth a watch! 

Such has been the success of Rider's of The Storm first year that we've successfully secured a local sponsor in Hettie's Tearooms, Pitlochry!   Fuelling us Rider's with their gorgeous blends of loose leaf tea Hettie's are also offering a financial and support based package to help us grow and develop even further. Apparently our youthful enthusiasm and dynamic go get 'em attitude impressed them sufficiently! We're looking forward to a great partnership developing!

 For those of you that fancy yourself as a vaulter or trick rider we have some camps coming up

4th and 5th July        Trick Riding Camp
18th and 19th July     Vaulting Camp
1st and 2nd August   Trick Riding Camp
8th and 9th August    Vaulting Camp

We also do private and group Lessons, Experience days, Birthday parties and Lecture demos perfect for Riding clubs or a group of friends!

Happy riding everyone

Riders of the Storm