Riders of the Storm, Equestrian Stunt Team, Scotland

Riders of the Storm, Equestrian Stunt Team, Scotland
Riders of the Storm

8 August 2011

Riders of the Storm have had a very busy start to the year; firstly with Drymen show then followed by Perth Racecourse the next weekend and lots of lessons, camps and experience days.
Drymen was our first show of the season so it meant an early rise to get all the horses bathed and looking their very best ready for the long drive to Drymen. As we approached Drymen, the clouds got thicker and darker, threatening to rain-surely Riders of the Storm wouldn’t mind a spot of rain!!
We arrived and got the horses all settled and ready to perform. All tacked up and in our costumes we warmed up the horses. Brego got an extra long warm up as he gets excited at these events with the buzz of the crowd and the different animals from cows and sheep to chickens and rabbits to be seen.
Both performances went well, the horses where superstars and it even stopped raining! Drymen show was a success no rain, 2 great shows but most importantly fun had by all!
Next we where off to Perth racecourse, we warmed up the crowd with our performance in the parade ring before the days racing commenced for the Gold Cup. After our performance we got to go back a watch a couple of the races as the younger members of the team, Amy and Ellie had never been to the races. I even put a bet on and my horse won!!
I’ve put together some video clips of our shows this season so far….
We have also had lots of trick riding & vaulting camps, lessons and experience days and pony fun days to keep us busy, which had been great and there’s lots of stars in the making!   
Check out a small clip about our Pony Fun Days

We have some different courses coming up
Vaulting camps 10th & 11th August, 12th & 13th October and 19th & 20th October
Pony Fun Days 27th August, 24th September and 15th October
Trick Riding Adults camp 8th October and Kids camp 9th October
Or we also provide Gift Vouchers, Private lessons and Experience days starting from just £15!!

If you would like any more information please contact
Kirsty on 07784119377 or email info@ridersofthestorm.co.uk